Here is a list of some of the media interview topics that RTI staff can provide. RTI staff are also available for timely commentary about important new developments in the field of relationships, parenting, domestic violence, infidelity patterns, and more:

What Women Should Know About Men Who Don't Talk

It is easy for a woman to get very frustrated with the man in her life when "just won't talk to me." But it's not always because he is cold or uncaring. Plenty of men either do not know how to share the feelings, do not know what they are feeling, do not know how to name the feelings they are having, or are afraid to show their feelings for fear of vulnerability. The women who "get" this are better are getting through.

The "Relationship Respect Contract”

Every couple, whether they realize it or not, establishes a contract of behavior when they decide to become involved. Have you examined yours? A nationally-recognized relationship expert tells you the items that MUST be present for your relationship to have the emotional safety you need–to make the relationship truly solid and truly intimate.

Women's Relationship Mistakes

Even women who are really trying hard to help their relationship often make mistakes because they don't realize how they are coming across to the man in their life. Find out about classic mistakes that are caused by plain old anxiety: disqualification moves, expecting immediate non-defensiveness, harsh start-ups, and excessive "soul-mate" demands.

Getting Close Again When You Have Forgotten How To Do It

"We’ve lost that old spark we used to have." Couples sometimes drift into patterns of behavior which perpetuate distance. Sometimes, by consciously choosing to do the little intimate things that closer couples do, people actually can revive the spark. Learn about adult dates, the 24-hour rule, daily appreciations, responding to bids for attention, touching and sex.

How To Successfully Apologize

“I told her I'm sorry—what more does she want?" Learn here about how to do "real" apologies that offer genuine responsibility and remorse. A true apology says the right words, with the right body language, combined with the right self-examination—followed up by real behavioral changes that offer the other person genuine emotional security.

Relationship Mistakes – And How to Fix Them

Everybody in relationships makes plenty of mistakes. Sometimes we get too sensitive to the "broken mirrors" in relationships and overreact; other times we feel a wave of anxiety or threat and get too controlling. Both men and women can learn how they trip themselves up–and some simple solutions for avoiding making the same mistakes several thousand times.

How To Help Men Get Help: What Women Can Do To Help The Man They Love

There are a lot of men out there who are moody, irritable, withdrawn and defensive–or worried and not functioning as well as they should in their lives. And there are a lot of women who love these men and have plenty of investment–for his sake and for their own–in helping to steer their partners into getting the help they need. But most men would rather get a root canal than counseling or therapy. They see this process as profoundly "non-masculine." And it is the challenge of loved ones and counselors and therapists to creatively design this help as a profoundly masculine life path.

Busting Myths About Affairs

  • Myth 1:  A cheater is a cheater is a cheater.
  • Myth 2:  As long as it doesn't get physical, it's not really an affair.
  • Myth 3:  The cause of an affair is a flawed marriage.
  • Myth 4:  Relationships can never truly recover from an affair.
  • Myth 5:  Adulterers are having great sex.
  • Myth 6:  If your partner is cheating on you, you know it.

Helping Women Identify Dangerous Men—and Find The Men Who Are Genuinely Worth It


  • Displays unpredictable moods
  • Does something scary, then says he was just kidding
  • Has a previous history of violence in relationships
  • Blames you when things go wrong
  • Gets easily bored and restless
  • Plays mindgames
  • Abuses substances
  • Has a pattern of affairs and/or deception
  • Acts possessive and controlling (including stalking behaviors)
  • Makes threats to hurt you, himself, or others
  • Has a pattern of general criminal behavior
  • Chronically lies

Raising Boys To Be Good Men

The secret to guiding boys through the tough stages of becoming a man lies in making the right conversation, accepting and encouraging feelings, challenging messages about what a "real man" is, and finding ways to show love and affection that work for boys. Learn specific tips about how to do it right.

Staying Connected With Your Kid—No Matter What!

The nature of parenthood is to feel powerless at regular intervals because we have not been able to quite guide, shape, or influence our children the way we would have liked. It is ridiculously easy for parents to respond to powerlessness with the most destructive possible response: anger. This presentation by a national expert in family relationships, using the latest research on parenting, hands-on examples, and a lot of humor, will help parents identify the best ways to recognize the signs of powerlessness and to use it constructively.

Is He Depressed or What?: When The Man In Your Relationship is Moody, Depressed, and Withdrawn

Learn about the warning signs of "male-type depression" – with more emotional withdrawal, aggression, irritability, blaming others, and behavioral excesses than most of us have ever thought were signs of depression. Dr. Wexler, an internationally-recognized expert on men's issues and relationship development, will talk about the indicators of male-type depression and what to do about it when you recognize it in yourself or others.

Keeping Your Relationship On The Right Track–Just When It Seems Like It's About To Crash

Most people, even in everyday situations that never reach a level of violence or genuine abuse, regularly do something which is hurtful or destructive to the people they love and are most attached to. Despite their commitment to good values and treating loved ones well, trigger behaviors function as disinhibitors, "allowing" people to say or do something which is not normally part of their behavioral pattern or values. Men and women do it to each other, parents and their kids do it to each other. The latest research about brain reactions to perceived threat will be presented to make sense of the wide range of these disinhibitors.

The Myth of Masculinity: How Masculine Gender Role Stress Triggers Relationship Breakdowns–And What To Do About It

Plenty of men struggle with trying to live up to the standards of masculinity that they have been taught from very early on–and they suffer when they feel like they are falling down on the job. Modern research about "masculine gender role stress" help us recognize how being outperformed at work by a woman, appearing less athletic than a friend, or not making enough money can ruin men's view of themselves and destroy their relationships!

When Women Abuse Men

A woman physically abusing her husband? Impossible? Not so, days a nationally-recognized expert on domestic violence. There are plenty of men out there who are being assaulted by their wives and girlfriends–and not doing anything about it. Find out more about how this happens and what to do about it.

The Four Pillars of Intimacy

Is your relationship truly intimate? Here's how you can tell if you have genuine intimacy with your partner-and how to make the intimacy even stronger!