RTI offers outstanding professional training on a wide variety of topics to enhance relationship development. Below is a partial list of previous and upcoming workshops. Please contact the RTI office at 619-892-8318 if you wish to arrange for any of these workshops in your area or for your organization.


Adult Relationships:

Advanced training seminars in the field of relationship development.

  • When Good Men Behave Badly: Radical New Approaches for Helping Bring Out the Best of Men in Relationships
  • Building Better Relationships: Bringing Out The Best in Both of You
  • The Many Faces of Male Depression: Research & Guidelines to Help Men & Their Partners
  • RELATIONSHIPS IN CONFLICT: State-of-the Art Applications of Self Psychology and Narrative Therapy for Working With Difficult Couples, Parents, & Teens
  • Why People Lose It: The Thousand Disinhibitors That Trigger Destructive Behaviors In Relationships & What To Do About Them
  • Is He Depressed or What: What To Do When The Man You Love is Irritable, Moody, and Withdrawn
  • The Most Important Thing: Keeping the Right Perspective & Saving Your Relationship
  • The Most Important Thing: Using Popular Films to Understand the Narratives of Bad Relationships – and How to Fix Them
  • MEN: Contemporary Theories and Creative Interventions for Male Depression, Aggression, and Relationship Issues

Partner Abuse Prevention & Treatment:

RTI offers training for domestic violence agencies throughout the world in the internationally-recognized STOP Program treatment model. RTI is also approved by the San Diego County Probation Department and the San Diego Domestic Violence Council to provide training for domestic violence treatment programs for court-ordered offenders. The 40-hour training workshop is offered annually in San Diego County (meets California state requirements for certification). Many RTI workshops meet re-licensing spouse abuse education requirements for psychologists and social workers and the advanced continuing education requirements for child custody evaluators.

  • The STOP Program: Understanding & Treating Domestic Violence in the 21st Century
  • When Push Comes To Shove: Contemporary Research, Assessment, and Treatment Innovations for Partner Abuse
  • Victims of Domestic Violence: Why They Do What They Do & How to Help
  • Tales From The Court Room: Battered Women's Syndrome and Other Forensic DV Issues
  • Domestic Violence In Your Office: Strategies for Identifying and Treating Relationship Violence In Couples
  • The Myth of Masculinity: How Masculine Gender Role Stress Triggers Domestic Violence – And What To Do About It
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Typologies of Domestic Violence Offenders
  • Getting Personal: Digging Deeper: Issues of Self-Disclosure, Countertransference, and Personal History in Working With DV Offenders and Victims
  • Rules of Engagement: Innovative Strategies for Approaching the Unapproachable In Treatment
  • Advanced Interventions in Depth-Oriented Group Treatment for DV Offenders: The New Navy Family Advocacy Study Utilizing Psychodynamic Group Treatment
  • Solution Focused Interventions for Domestic Violence Offenders: Emphasizing Accountability & Making Sense of Disinhibitors

Family, Parenting, & Teen Relationship Workshops:

Workshops for schools and youth organizations for the prevention of acquaintance sexual assault and dating violence, plus consultation and training on Dr. Wexler's internationally recognized PRISM model for treatment of difficult adolescents and their families.

  • Difficult Adolescents & Their Families: New Conceptual and Practical Interventions
  • Staying Connected With Your Child & Teen - No Matter What
  • When Good Parents Act Badly: Recognizing Your Own Triggers and Learning What To Do About Them
  • Teen Relationship Violence
  • E:Girl: Technology, Relational Aggression and Growing Up Girl

Assessment Workshops:

Training for mental health providers and law enforcement personnel in screening and risk assessment for of violent offenders.

  • Assessment and Treatment of Psychopathic Personality
  • Advanced Screening and Risk Assessment for Relationship Violence: Sexual Offenders, Stalkers, and Domestic Violence Offenders